1st Team Vs Wednesbury 1

Date 27 October 2018
Team 1st Team
Opposition Wednesbury 1
Fixture Home
Venue Wolverhampton Grammar School
Start time 14:00
Result D 1 - 1
Time played
Scorers Owen Shave (1)
Match Report

It was another frustrating game for Old Wulfs, who drew at home against Wednesbury 1s.

Despite the draw in the previous game, there was a feeling that a convincing victory here was possible to keep the points total up and maintain a strong league position.

In the opening stages, that certainly looked likely. Wulfs were having the majority of possession and Wednesbury seemed to be playing some kind of half-court press, bar one of their strikers stood on his own at the other end.

Wulfs used this opportunity to launch attack after attack in the first half but could not score more than a single goal. This came about when Will Ashworth found Sam Aldersley down the left flank. He then cut inside and crossed for Owen Shave who deflected in.

In the second period, the story was much the same with Wulfs having nearly all of the ball but finding it hard to break down Wednesbury who were refusing to venture from an encampment they had set up in their 25.  It wasn’t so much parking the bus as opening a dealership for multiperson vehicles on the goal line.

When the away side did launch an attack, it was nearly always via a big aerial pass towards their lone front man, who by this point had gone feral due to lack of contact with other human beings.

All of this said, disaster struck when Wulfs gave the ball away on the right. Wednesbury then played one or two simple passes and found themselves with a chance at taking their second, and ultimately final, shot of the whole match.

As terrible luck would have it, despite the shot being a seemingly tame reverse strike from a tight angle, it wormed its way in to the goal. Fudge.

Try as they might, Wulfs just couldn’t get that winning goal and the game ended in a draw which felt more like a ten nil drubbing.

Man of the Match – Owen Shave

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Colin Pearson 1 Goalkeeper
Matthew Griffiths 3 Midfielder
Ben Humpherson 5 Defender
Darryl Ablard 7 Midfielder
Andrew Hobley 12 Midfielder
William Ashworth 14 Forward
Simon Palmer 22 Defender
Oliver Harris 26 Forward
Owen Shave 37 Midfielder 1
David Cartwright 69 Defender
Sam Aldersley 81 Forward
Archie Harris 120 Forward
Gareth Minton Defender