1st Team Vs Tamworth 1

Date 3 November 2018
Team 1st Team
Opposition Tamworth 1
Fixture Away
Venue Landau Forte Academy, B79 8AH
Start time 14:00
Result L 2 - 3
Time played
Scorers Andrew Hobley (1), William Ashworth (1)
Match Report

Old Wulfs slumped to their first defeat of the season with a 3-2 loss to Tamworth 1s.

Unfortunately, there were players again unavailable in the shape of Simon Palmer, Matt Litchfield and Sam Aldersley. This meant a slightly changed match squad with Ed Hole being brought in from the 2s.

On a slow pitch, Wulfs struggled to get their passing game going and started to become frustrated, holding on to the ball to long and losing it in vulnerable places. This meant that Tamworth were able to score first when Wulfs lost shape.

After this bad start, a better rhythm of play stared to emerge and chances were created. After a good move down the right, the ball was passed to Andy Hobley who struck an accurate slap into the corner to level it up.

In the second half, Wulfs continued their dominant spell and made it count when a shot rebounded of the Tamworth keeper and it fell to Will Ashworth. As the ball was so close to the onrushing keeper looking to make another save, just about the only thing Will could do was top the ball into the pitch causing it to bounce over him, which he did. On purpose of cause…

After that goal had given them the lead, Wulfs weren’t happy with this and set about constructing a heroic demise. Some frustrating decisions from the umpires led to a drop in level, causing some sloppy play, which led to two even sloppier conceded goals from Tamworth to give them the win.

Wulfs almost got an equaliser at the end when Ollie Harris was though on goal, but meticulous timekeeping from one umpire meant that the final whistle sounded just before he could take the shot. Never mind.

Man of the Match - Darryl Ablard

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Colin Pearson 1 Goalkeeper
Matthew Griffiths 3 Midfielder
Ben Humpherson 5 Defender
Darryl Ablard 7 Midfielder
Andrew Hobley 12 Midfielder 1
William Ashworth 14 Forward 1
Oliver Harris 26 Forward
Owen Shave 37 Midfielder
David Cartwright 69 Defender
Archie Harris 120 Forward
Gareth Minton Defender
Ed Hole Forward